Tracking termites: computer vision tools

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Tutor: Lívia (UFV) –

* Assistance for technical doubts (software installation, etc): Room 212, Entomology Department – (16-16:50h) *

Location: “basement” of the female shared house (first door on the right) (17h)


  • Introduction to Python and OpenCV
  • Load and save images and videos
  • Drawing and writing on an image
  • Image operations
  • Thresholding techniques
  • Blurring and smoothing
  • Morphological transformations
  • Edge detection and gradients
  • Template matching
  • Feature matching
  • MOG background reduction
  • Haar Cascade object detection
  • Tracking algorithms

Requirements: Personal laptop. It is necessary install OpenCV, instructions will be sent soon.

Max. no. of participants: 15

Some video tracking examples implemented by Danilo Ribeiro in Python:

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